How To Enrol!

It’s very simple so just follow these steps:

  • First you must become a user on the Academy to access the enrolment pages. Visit Moodle, our online portal for Education and create your account with a user name and password: Moodle for the NS Academy
  • Done that? OK, now navigate your way to the Pre-Enrolment page for the course you are interested in and follow the instructions to pre-enrol. This tells us you are thinking of taking the course but we ask you to confirm this by sending us an e-mail to and giving us your full name and address, plus your choice of certificate (NS Academy or Lantra).
  • We will issue you with an invoice for your payment and transfer you to a waiting area to be ready to start studying when the course opens.
  • …and that’s it! Best of luck with your studies.


Academy Handbook