Bit & Bridle Fitting

Become a professional Bit & Bridle Fitter


Whether starting a new career or adding this service to your existing business the Neue Schule Qualified, LANTRA Certified Bit & Bridle Fitting Course
is designed for professionals who have a strong desire to fit bits and bridles, offer bitting advice, and who are
passionate about improving the performance and well-being of their equine clients.


This online assessed course lasts 5 weeks. This module introduces the student to the most common bits used by riders and the basic mouth anatomy of the horse. Students will also develop an understanding of how forces through the reins translate to the horse and gain knowledge of the bit’s history, materials used for bits and how bits act inside the mouth.


Delivered by the NS Academy team at Houghall College Equine Centre, located on the outskirts of Durham City, the residential module lasts for four days. Included in this module is both theory work and practical sessions alongside guest lectures from equine dentists, researchers and riders.

Whether you are a professional or just starting out, by the end of the course you will be able to improve a horse’s comfort and way of going by assessing the whole horse, ask the right questions, know when to call in professional help (ie. a veterinarian, equine dentist, or physio) through referral services, correctly fit a bridle, analyse and fit a bit that suits horse and rider.

Heather Hyde-Saddington, Neue Schule Founder


There will be a single exam for the Online Modules. Examples of questions include multiple choice/single or multiple answer types or true or false types, amongst others. Calculations may be required in order to reach a correct response.

Student progress and competencies will be recorded throughout the residential portion of the course to ensure that everyone can confidently and correctly perform each task.

The final assessment will come in the form of a bit and bridle fitting consultation case study. Students will perform a consultation and send in a full report of the case.

Course duration

The online module is open for 5 weeks, whilst the residential module is completed within 4 days. The final case study must be submitted within 2 weeks of completion of the residential course.

course costs


become a professional bit & bridle fitter