Meet the Team

Heather Hyde

Director of Studies

Heather is the founder of Neue Schule and the NS Academy Director of Studies. Throughout her time running the Neue Schule Heather has created many innovative bits, including co-designing the award-winning Turtle range.  Having developed a love for horses in her early childhood, Heather went on to focus on retraining racehorses, especially those that required remedial work.  Heather owned and ran the largest stud in the north, housing 20 broodmares and 7 stallions. She also accepted visiting broodmares, was one of the first studs to use Artificial Insemination (AI) and embryo transfer in the area and worked with The National Foaling Bank, overseeing and facilitating many adoptions.  Throughout her time working with young horses, Heather developed a passion for starting and producing Dressage horses and trained with many top Dressage Trainers.  Before starting Neue Schule, Heather retailed for Sprenger, Myler, Abbey and many other brands. Heather started the first Bit Bank, allowing riders to trial bits before purchasing. Since starting the company Neue Schule, Heather has lectured globally, and has also Bit Fitted for many Olympic riders in every discipline.

Dr. Graham Cross BSc (Hons), PhD


Until 2019, Graham held an Associate Professorship in the Department of Physics at the University of Durham after a career spanning 30 years. Dr, Cross has authored over 100 research publications as an academic researcher and lecturer, is the named inventor on a number of patents and has made a number of contributions to edited textbooks in the physical sciences. As an amateur equestrian, Graham competed in affiliated dressage and show jumping and became interested in the way that bits operated according to engineering principles when in the hands of the rider. He introduced the subject area now termed “Lorinery Science” and is the originator of many of the teaching materials used in the Academy courses.

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